Potential Exhibitors

Interested in becoming an exhibitor at the Midwest Horse FairĀ®? Applications for 2015 are now available.

This is the first step to becoming an exhibitor at the Midwest Horse Fair:

  • Please fill out the application completely and accurately
  • Send brochures, product information or photos to linda.gosdeck@midwesthorsefair.com– the more information we have the better
  • A new application is required every year – applications do not carry over from year to year
  • 50% deposit will be required once you are accepted – do not send payment with your application


2015 New Exhibitor Information
2015 New Exhibitor Application

(Please read the Exhibitor Information before submitting an application!)

2015 Exhibitor Rates

Exhibition Hall:
Hallway                 10'x10'               $520
Regualr                 10'x10'               $600
Corner                   10'x10'               $695
Corner (Large)      10'x15'               $760
Lobby                    10'x10'               $875
Atruim                   10'x10'               $600
Mendota Room      8'x10'                $495

Exhibition Hall- Sidewalk:
Regular                 10'x20'              $340

Non-Profit              8'x10'               $270
Craft                      8'x10'               $270

Trailer & Truck Avenue:
Regular                 12'x40'             $355

Food Court:
Regular                10'x20'             $340

Outside Mall:
Small                    10'x20'              $340
Large                    20'x20'             $680

Who's Coming?