Potential Exhibitors

Interested in becoming an exhibitor at the Midwest Horse Fair? 

For your reference, our general information on becoming an exhibitor can be found below.

This is the first step to becoming an exhibitor at the Midwest Horse Fair:

  • Please submit an application - filling it out completely and accurately
  • Submit photos or brochures online with your application or email to linda.gosdeck@midwesthorsefair.com - the more information we have the better
  • Space fills up quickly and preference is given to applicants with equine related products
  • A new application is required every year - applications do not carry over from year to year
  • You will be notified after October 15, 2016 on the status of your application
  • A 50% deposit will be required once you are accepted - do not send payment with your application
  • The remaining balance is due February 1, 2017

New Exhibitor Information

(Please read the Exhibitor Information before submitting an application!)

2017 Exhibitor Rates

Exhibition Hall:

 Hallway                   10'x10'             $530
 Regular                   10'x10'             $610
 Corner                     10'x10'             $710
 Corner (Large)        10'x15'             $775
 Lobby                      10'x10'             $895
 Atrium                     10'x10'             $610
 Mendota Room         8'x10'             $510

Exhibition Hall- Sidewalk:
 Regular                   10'x20'              $350

 Non-Profit                 8'x10'               $280
 Craft                         8'x10'               $280

Trailer & Truck Avenue:
 Regular                   12'x40'              $370

Food Court:
 Regular                   10'x20'              $350

Outside Mall:
 Small                      10'x20'              $350
 Large                      20'x20'              $700

* Indicates these areas are currently sold out. We will continue to accept applications for review and placement consideration, should a cancelation occur.


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