Breed & Discipline Demos

Educational and Entertaining!

THANK YOU to all of these wonderful groups for participating and contributing to the success of the 2015 Midwest Horse Fair! Interested in getting involved next year? Click here for additional information. Applications for the 2016 Breed & Discipline Demonstrations will be available after July 1, 2015

Breed & Discipline Demonstrations are always a favorite and valuable part of the Midwest Horse Fair. Demonstrations promote a wide variety of breeds, educate the audience, and entertain everyone that attends. Demonstrations also provide an opportunity for members of any equine association to educate and showcase the conformation, gaits, talents, and uniqueness of each individual breed or discipline. The demonstration may showcase the breed in-hand, under saddle, in-harness, or in the manner that best depicts the breed or discipline.

Please click on the photos or titles below for additional information about the Breed & Discipline groups that attended the 2015 Midwest Horse Fair.


The Arabian Horse Association Region 10

Pavilion Two

Stalls: 3906-3913 & 4006-4013


The Baroque Horse of the Midwest, Inc

Pavilion Two

Stalls: 2117-2121 & 2217-2221


Wisconsin Buckskin Horse Association

Pavilion Two

Stalls: 3917-3920 & 4017-4020


International Curly Horse Organization

Pavilion Two

Stalls: 3717-3723 & 3817-3822

Donkey & Mule

Wisconsin Donkey & Mule Society

Pavilion Two

Stalls: 1917-1923 & 2017-2023

Draft Horse

Jefferson County Draft Horses

Pavilion Two

Stalls: 3117-3122 & 3217-3222

Draft Horse

Mid-West Draft Horse Enthusiasts

Pavilion Two Stalls: 2122-2127 & 2222-2227

The Mid-West Draft Horse Enthusiasts will not be featured in demonstrations. The group will have horses and a hospitality booth on display in the pavilions.

Drill Team

Kettle Moraine Rough Riders

Pavilion Two

Stalls: 1117-1125 & 1217-1225


Great Lakes Friesian Horse Association

Pavilion Two

Stalls: 3707-3713 & 3807-3813

Gypsy Vanner

Great Lakes Gypsy Vanner Horse Club

Pavilion Two

Stalls: 1717-1722 & 1817-1823


Haflinger Owners of Wisconsin

Pavilion Two

Stalls: 2517-2522 & 2617-2622


Flugnir Icelandic Horse Association of the Midwest

Pavilion Two

Stalls: 4102-4113

Miniature Horse

Heart of America Miniature Equines

Pavilion Two

Stalls: 2917-2924 & 3017-3024


International Morab Breeders Association Region 4

Pavilion Two

Stalls: 1517-1523 & 1617-1622


Wisconsin Morgan Horse Club

Pavilion Two

Stalls: 3305-3313 & 3405-3413


Mustang Pride

Pavilion Two

Stalls: 4117-4125

Who's Coming?

Check back early this Fall when we begin announcing our line-up!